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You can browse the section to find items for sale.

What started as a small online clothing retailer site while attending university, the couple, Susan Gregg-Koger and Eric Koger paved way to more success as their company has grown enormously. They started with this business of selling vintage clothing and cool items online on 2002.

Since then, they have garnered several awards and great feedback. In fact, in 2009, Susan ranked no. 2 while Eric on no. 3 as two of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America by Inc. Magazine. And, in 2010, the company have employed more than a hundred employees. The company has their main base in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and recently, they have opened offices in San Francisco.

Aside from selling their own designs of vintage dresses and indie stuffs, Susan and Eric also encouraged other designers in contributing cool designs and featuring their work through ModCloth.


ModCloth is what you need if you are in for cool, vintage, classy design of clothing and other everyday stuff and decors. From the pretty party dresses, to colorful bags, to cool kitchen wares and gadget accessories, you can find everything you want on ModCloth’s website. All their available products are presented under different categories.

They do not only sell clothing and fashion accessories, but, also specializes on designing all sorts of home wares, office stuff and other digital items. Also, you can find cute items which you can use while travelling, or perhaps you can find the perfect gift for all the kids out there. Moreover, your pet dogs can also be fashionable by availing the products made by ModCloth exclusively for them.

On their site, you can check on the details of every item and see the size to better ensure that the dress or shoes is the perfect fit for you.

Quality of Products

We can say that the quality of most of ModCloth’s items is really good, considering the reasonable price of every item. Unlike other high street clothing brands, the quality of the products tends to decline. But, in ModCloth, details are clearly prioritized and the quality of materials is superb.


The prices of ModCloth’s clothing products and other items are fairly affordable. Compared to other fashion clothing brand, most of their items are considerably cheaper, but, quality and design has never been compromised. And, everyday, there are items on sale.

Moreover, you can enjoy the uniqueness and trendy fashion clothing line in ModCloth by checking on ModCloth coupon applicable for your planned purchase.


For all US orders, ModCloth issued a standard rate of $7 for ground shipping, utilizing the services of FedEx. Along with that, they have a faster options on shipping your order, but, with an additional cost.

And, for all international orders, they have tagged the USPS as the courier. A cheaper rate and faster shipping time has been introduced for a high satisfactory rating from their customers.

Website’s Ease of Use

ModCloth’s website is really trendy and funky to start with. Browsing through it is so easy and you will find yourself become more and more interested as time passed. Your eyes will be filled with amazement on the New Arrivals section, taking you to great and current design which ModCloth offers. It is like having a better and fresher idea when it comes to fashion.

What strike us most is the fact they have put quirky description in  every item they sell, keeping the interest of any customer browsing their website. ModCloth’s website is indeed eye pleasing.

Finding the right size for you is also easy as every item they sell has its own sizing guide and description for a better visualization. Nearly, everything a customer needs is well presented on their website. No doubt about it.

Guarantee Policy

Under their current guarantee policy, ModCloth offers free return and exchange of all domestic orders, provided, the returned goods are in a condition where valid under the stipulated guidelines in returning ModCloth products.

However, for international orders, they can only guarantee a return of specific products, not an exchange. Well, of course, the expenses will be shouldered by the customer itself.

Customer Service

They got fairly good customer service. ModCloth aims to please their customers through their quality products and good customer service. A customer support representative can well guide you through your queries and other stuff by clicking on their live chat tab. Moreover, you can talk personally to a dependable ModCloth staff via their hotline number or perhaps send them message and they promised to get back to you within 24 hours. Also, ModCloth is actively engaging in many of the famous social websites. From Facebook, to twitter, you can leave comments for ModCloth moderators to see. This is such a great way in connecting to their target market much easily.

Other Online Review Sites’ Verdict

  • ResellerRatings – As of the current time, there are 72 reviews for ModCloth posted on this site. They got a score of 8.37 out of perfect 10. One customer cited about how good ModCloth’s products are and added about her gratefulness on the small gifts that ModCloth has provided to her along with her purchase.
  • UChic – They gave a fairly good review about ModCloth, citing all the pros about the website. UChic is an online guide for all girl students about everything there is about university life and fashion.
  • Site Jabber – ModCloth received a mixed review in Half of those who posted gave a fairly good and positive comments, while the other half, complained about bad customer service and poor quality of ModCloth products. You may check on how ModCloth rated on this site and post your own views as well.
  • TrustPilot – On this site, ModCloth rated well, with a score of 7.9, 10 being the highest. The customers are happy about their purchase and the gift received as well.

Our Verdict

Even with bad comments posted by other people on different site, we gathered most of the facts and truth about the products offered by ModCloth. We firmly believed that among the 6 online clothing stores we have reviewed, ModCloth zoomed on top. Compared to other online stores on our list, ModCloth is the smallest and youngest company. But, ModCloth is still the number one in providing great quality and affordable trendy clothing, accessories and other stuffs online, as far as we are concerned.

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